Gaethje won by unanimous decision

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Many fans consider Gage and Chandler’s fight to be the best of 2021. And they can be understood: a spectacular cut in which the fighters delivered 219 accented punches in 3 rounds, what could be better? Terminator vs. Terminator. Gaethje vs. Chandler delivered and exceeded fan expectations in their main card opener in November.
The reason why we give this awesome fight only the second line is Michael Chandler. If Gage worked cleverly and fulfilled the game plan, then Chandler succumbed to provocations and sought an exchange (Justin specifically said before the fight that Michael did not have the heart to hack to death). Yes, Chandler’s emotions gave us a spectacular fight, but they also led him to defeat. When Michael acted prudently and conserved his energy, he often interrupted Gage in the rack. The coaches also asked Chandler not to chop during the breaks, but he did not listen to anyone.
After the defeat, Michael repented that he did not follow the game plan and even apologized to his wife. He admitted that he should have listened to the coaches and used wrestling, but instead succumbed to his emotions and started a firefight. This is what distinguishes the Jan-Sandhagen and Gage-Chandler fight. A Gaethje or Chandler fight is always worth salivating over. But Gaethje vs. Chandler was decadent.